Today’s the Day!

Well, here we are at July 31st. (Happy Birthday, Harry Potter?) I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a month to END. I’m not really sure why. There’s really nothing extra exciting happening in the following months, so why this particular month I just want to be over is actually fairly puzzling. I’ve never been more excited to flip the calender page.

But this month was also the Finish It Challenge, and I’ve FAILED. Hohoho- no surprise there. I should just stick to my usual motto: “Aim low and hope for the best.”

My best will be to finish the rest by the end of the August. Are you going to take bets to see if it’s actually going to happen? Cheers to the winner! The outcome will be revealed in 1 month.

In the meantime, here are four squares to show that I physically did do SOMETHING.

89. Spinner: I love this one! I would totally make a whole blanket with this in different colors. Image how cool it would be: circles and squares.

90. Bright Triangles: Questioning my color choices here. It looks like a pumpkin. Also, I just don’t really like this pattern. It’s bland.
bright squares

91. Terraces: This is beautiful! How is this not the cutest square in the whole book? It’s just so colorful!

92. Victorian Lace: The lace squares are always my favorite to construct. They end up looking really nice, but they also have the most variance in the pattern- it’s fun.
victorian lace

Soon I will be at 100, and then only 28 more! I’m so ready to use up some yarn. There’s just so much! I want to start other projects! Happy crocheting!


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