Hello August!

August has arrived!! I still can’t understand my excitement for this particular month, but yay!!

Yesterday I watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was really good! 😀 Completely met expectations.

Now, it’s been rainy and cloudy around here lately. This is what I see when I look outside:

Skies are gray.

Still, the lighting was good enough that I took some pictures today of my CAL squares. I’m slowly inching towards #100.

But you know what’s not slow? I went to the craft store today to buy some more yarn, and there was already Halloween items out! Can you believe that?

Anyway, back to the squares:

93. Sequence Stripes: Just looking at the pattern in the book, I thought it was going to be a boring single crochet square, but it’s a little more interesting. Like garnishing a drink with a lime- only a little bit more interesting.
squenced stripes

94. Gothic Square: I am highly pleased with my color choices here. Light and dark always work so well together. It really makes the orange and cream bits pop out. I don’t know if the picture is very good- it’s a brown border.gothic square

95. Kingcup: I had no idea what “Kingcup” meant. Apparently, it is a flower- it’s another name for a marsh marigold (also had not heard of). However, the flower does look pretty in photos. I suppose if I knew it was a marigold, I’d make the color yellow. Alas, it was not to be, so here we are:

I’m happy with these. I will be traveling this week for work (just a trip to New Jersey), so I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the crocheting, but I’ll bring some yarn with me as always. 😉



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4 responses to “Hello August!

  1. Your choice of colours certainly make the stripes worth looking at. I think mine was a bit boring.

  2. I like your kingcup, its shamrock like in that green.

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