August 2014 Yarnbox

Well, for everyone that took a bet, whoever thought that I was actually going to finish making all the squares by the end of August, you lost. So sorry.

Clearly, I got distracted once again, so here we are.

Moving on, this month’s Yarnbox is fantastic! In fact, the Yarnbox did not come in a box this month, but a very large bag instead!

august yarnbox

These are huge skeins of yarn- how exciting, right? It is perfect for the coming colder months. This is Imperial Yarn from Oregon, 100% wool in three colors: natural, quail, and pearl grey. It is a nice thick yarn, and was apparently used to make the sweaters for Team USA during the Sochi Olympics. These colors really go well together, so I might be able to use them together for one project. Hmm…. oh, the possibilities.

The featured designer this month is Melissa Leapman. She has over 800 patterns printed! How impressive this that?!

Am I making progress? I don’t know. But I do know that my love of yarn has not ceased, and I will continue forth in my quest for something. 🙂

Happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “August 2014 Yarnbox

  1. Happy crocheting back at you! Am loving the colors that you have on your pic.

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