I’ve noticed that I seem to post a lot in the beginning and end of the month, but there’s just dead silence in the middle. That’s one way to do, I suppose. Hahaha! I think once these craft fairs are over, I might have a little more time to make things I want to, you know? It’s been a while, since I’ve actually done something for me, instead of just as a thing (squares, craft fair stuff, requests). Speaking of requests, here’s one!

My cousin requested a few things a little while ago, and so I made them.

First, he is a huge fan of the canceled too soon show, “Firefly.” (It really was a great show, probably one of my top 5.) This particular scene is what he was going for, I think….

So, in a strong effort, I made a blue dinosaur with green plates and an orange T-rex.

Way cuter than that scene, but I think that’ll be acceptable. (It’s cute, Al, you can deal with it! :P)

Then he had bought a 3DS, and wanted a case, so I made him one as well:

This was done without a pattern, so I’m happy how it turned out! Bags are so easy to make. This is a drawstring bag too, and it was actually really simple to do (I also just improvised that). Overall, doing this free hand- it came out great!



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7 responses to “DINOSAURS!

  1. Love these! They are just the cutest!

  2. The T-Rex is fantastic! It’s such a wonderful feeling when you can freehand your projects πŸ™‚

  3. Alvin

    Those look great. Cute or not, I’m very happy with how they look. πŸ˜€

  4. The T-Rex may just be my favorite thing ever πŸ™‚

  5. How adorable! Can’t decide whether I like the T-Rex or the Stegosaurus more πŸ˜€ And firefly is an awesome show πŸ™‚

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