Baby Hats

WordPress has this new editing system. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Is it better? I don’t know- I’m still trying to navigate through.

One of my coworkers requested some hats for her grandchildren. They aren’t born yet, I don’t think, but always be prepared, I suppose- especially when it comes to having little children.

She asked for them in green, because blue is too typical for boys. Green is a rather neutral color and one of favorites! Twas an excellent choice. I even added a little pompom on top for some flare, and to give it a pop of color.

baby hat

Baby heads are so tiny! They are such cute little hats. Usually a hat takes me an hour or two, but these were done in about 30 minutes- pompoms included. They’re just soooo small- like the size of my fist.

Happy Crocheting! Until next time!



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2 responses to “Baby Hats

  1. Such fun hats! There is something organic about them.

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