October and November 2014 Yarnbox

Slacker. I’ve been a slacker. For that, I am very sorry. So today, you will just get an extra long post!

Yesterday was my last craft show of the year. I’m actually really happy with the results. I don’t always make profit, but I do meet a lot of wonderful and interesting people. Who knew yarn could be such a cool subject to talk about? 😛 I am definitely going to sign up for some more shows next year. They are exhausting, and I somehow always end up with a cold or something the day after (all the interactions with people probably), but in the end, even if I don’t sell much, it’s nice to have someone appreciate my work, and not think my addiction to yarn is a problem (I know who you are). It’s also nice to have something to do- more of a purpose or something like that. I can’t exactly explain it…. It’s something that when my family and friends look at me, I am the yarn girl; it’s my thing. I like my thing.

Since it is my thing, let’s move on to some talk about some lovely, lovely yarn!

The October Yarnbox was very dark. Perfect for Halloween! It was more a dark emerald green- like some evil witch. The yarn is from Neighborhood Fiber Co. Hand-dyed yarn! It’s finger yarn that’s 100% superwash merino wool. Each skein is about 520 yarns, so I have a lot to work with since I got two! The featured designers were Annie Riley for knitting and Katya Novikova for crochet.

The November Yarnbox is so cute! There is new packaging, and the newer box is very fancy. I really like it! This box came with a note that said the prices were going to increase 0.95 a month, and that they will be upgrading soon with custom designed patterns. I’m curious what this new upgrade will mean. The yarn this month is from Outlaw Yarn– and with a name like that, how can I resist? I got FIVE 50g skeins of their Bohemia Sport, which is 45% polwarth, 45% alpaca, and 10% possum. POSSUM?! This is completely new to me! Haha. I’m really excited for this actually. It’s so soft! The featured crochet designer this month is Deborah Moore, and if you check out her Ravelry page- Oh. My.

I can’t believe it’s already going to be Thanksgiving this week. Time has been moving so quickly. Hopefully, with the craft show over, I’m going to be able to jump back in and crochet the projects I’ve been dying to work on!



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2 responses to “October and November 2014 Yarnbox

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been wondering what you get in the yarnbox. Lol possum?! That is totally strange.

  2. I wonder how they farm possum fibres! Sounds interesting, I may have to try some 🙂

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