American Sign Language

The holidays are here and the crocheting does not stop for nothing! At a craft show a few months back, a man approached me. I had a sign on my table that said I did custom orders and nobody had ever taken advantage of that, but this man came right up and asked about it. Not in many words, though, as he was deaf. It was difficult to communicate at first- we tried writing messages on our phones or notebooks, and eventually, we got to an understanding. He wanted some granny squares with the American Sign Language of “I love you” on it. I tried my best to get what he wanted, and he ended up asking for 3 more squares! He gave these squares as a reward to pre-K students who are learning sign language. Craft shows are pretty great- I’ve made a new friend and learned new things!


                    Credit to Damien

These are all single crochet squares, and as many of my fellow crocheters might tell you, they are so tedious to do. 😛 The work was put in for these. Overall, I’m really pleased with how these turned out!


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  1. Sign language I love crochet

    Sign language I love you crochet

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