A Pair of Christmas Slippers

It’s that time of year for gifts. My boyfriend asked me to make a pair of slippers for his uncle. In past experience- I hate making socks, and I hoped super hard that this would be NOTHING like making socks. (Although, with the amount of sock yarn I have right now, I might have to make socks soon….) Luckily, this was absolutely nothing like making socks. I got this pattern from The Crochet Architect, and they are so easy to do. One night I just sat down, and finished a whole slipper in about 4 hours! (Then you just feel all empty inside because you just finished it, and, well, what happens now? Anyone else ever get such a feeling when they complete something?)

Besides that though, I REALLY liked how fast these were to make (compared to socks) and how nice they are! I might have to make more of these in the future. This is a fantastic pattern!

Happy crocheting!


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