Screw This “New Year, New You” Nonsense

This is my first post of the year. Happy New Year! (There will be a bit of crochet at the end.)

Everyone always these new year resolutions. Usually, they’re something to improve on yourself, which is all fine and dandy, but most people give up and relent about 1 month in. It’s hard to make a change. I suppose, that making the new year a starting date is just as good as any day, because really when it comes down to it, you can change anytime of the year you want if you really wanted. You could wake up in the middle of June and decide to start going to the gym everyday. That would be no different than the difference between December 31st and January 1st. Either way, if you’re only going to put in minimal effort, then that’s the result you’re going to get. I think I’m being hard on people. If you want your resolutions, then you can keep them. The point, really, is don’t use the new year as some excuse to be a better person; be a better person because you honestly are willing to work towards it and want to be the best person you can.

To be a hypocrite, I guess, I also have goals for this year. I usually set goals for myself everyday, and these are just things I want to finish this year.

1. I have signed up for four craft shows- one in May, and the rest will be at the end of year during the giving season.
2. I WILL FINISH THE 200 BLOCKS! I swear it. And if I don’t, then…. I must really be afraid of commitment, as they say.

For non-crochet goals, I will read 30 books this year (Goodreads) and I will only order single person take out meals two times a month.

In terms of the books, I’ve been doing really well. Recently, I read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire Northe. It is great! Harry August is a badass. I mean, it takes him more than one lifetime to get there, but he is a freaking badass. The other great book I’ve read this year is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It’s a children’s book, but it is deep and wonderful and beautiful like how it feels to fall in love, a kind love, like how it feels to live a life. I don’t usually shed tears when I read, but that ending it really got me. I didn’t want to leave the graveyard.

As for the single person take out meals, I’m going to try cooking more. It’s just that, I’m one person, and cooking for one person is really hard. I was cooking for two for so long, and then when you cook for one it gets so tiring to keep eating the same meal over and over (because I have lots of leftovers all the time). However, with my new work hours, it will be harder to order out, except on weekends, where I will have ample amounts of time to cook, so I guess this might work out.

In other news, I crocheted this blue sloth for my boyfriend for Christmas…. not because he is a sloth, but it just matched the other present (a poster) that I gave him.




Here’s to a wonderful, fulfilling new year and happy crocheting! 🙂



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2 responses to “Screw This “New Year, New You” Nonsense

  1. jleavey

    That sloth is adorable!

  2. Good luck with your goals! I agree that it is mostly nonsense and too much pressure is put on this time of year to change, when anyday is a great day to put forth the effort. I hope you can reach your goals this year!

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