Yarnbox January 2015

Yesterday was very snowy and wet, yet today is so sunny and nice. I didn’t want to go out at all yesterday, but I really needed some air, so I took a nice stroll to the mailbox. Haha. It was very nice to get some yarn in the mail. 😀

The yarn this month is from Feederbrook Farm. It is a really colorful dye job! There’s two skeins of DK weight, 260 yards, 100% wool yarn. This would be great yarn to make a scarf, which are the featured patterns this month from Sarah Jane (crochet) and Sarah Jordan (knitting). Yarnbox is doing a new thing this year, where the patterns that are given are with the yarn in mind. Previously, they were just random patterns. I’m actually really happy about the crochet pattern, especially with this yarn! Sarah Jane is an amazing designer, and I’ve been eyeing a lot of her patterns for a long time (hellooooo, Steampunk corset!!). There are many things I want to make from her! I finally get a chance to!

I’ve been trying to go through my yarn (yarn fasting, if you will) with the exception of Yarnbox, so hopefully, this year there will actually be more room around here, than just my yarn. 😛

Happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “Yarnbox January 2015

  1. Yarn box? Is it a monthly subscriber program with different yarns from different farms? Sounds cool! Can you post a link?

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