A Manly Hat?

No work today. It is the Blizzard Juno of 2015. It’s very windy outside, and there’s probably about a little more than a foot of snow when I woke this morning. When I look out the window, it’s really unique to see the snow coming down and then suddenly travel upwards, like gravity doesn’t even matter. In light of an unexpected day off, I plan to crochet and play games for most of the day. Don’t even need to cook today, because I made a really nice pot of soup yesterday that should last the rest of the week probably. (Used an immersion blender for the first time- amazing! So glad I bought it!)

Recently, I attempted to make a hat that was more appealing to men. This is because at craft shows many women will come to my table and ask, “Do you have any hats for men? My husband really needs one.” Of course, I don’t. I make a lot of girly things, that usually appeal to the ages of 5-12. When they ask this, two thoughts will run through my mind:
1. That’s so sweet.
2. He probably thinks he doesn’t need a hat, at least not one without some sort of sport logo on it, cause it’s not good enough for him. He wants to be a “real” man.
The latter is definitely based on experience. I will no longer waste nice yarn making hats and scarves for my male friends unless they specifically ask for it.

This hat is made using the pattern from AG Handmades, and you see it here. I really do love the ribbing, even if it’s a huge yarn eater! If you ignore the feminine looking mannequin head, it looks like it could be for a guy, right? Opinions have tended to range in a score of 7/10 for manly scale. I might have made a bad decision with the yarn colors. It’s actually brown and dark green with the cream.

In my hands the skeins looked way more contrasting, but on the hat, it all blends together. I actually bought this yarn from a fiber arts festival I went to! It was a small festival, but there were a few spinneries there selling their yarn. Most people at this festival were women, and I was one of the younger ones.

This particular yarn is from Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. If I’m ever there, I would definitely visit. The woman at the booth was very nice and so helpful.

If you’re in the Northeast, stay warm during this storm! As always, happy crocheting!

Meanwhile, outside….




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3 responses to “A Manly Hat?

  1. definitely good for a guy. I sell lots of guy hats πŸ™‚ (and some guys choose hats for themselves that I definitely had a woman in mind when I made!!!)

  2. Especially like the hat when you can see the yarn. If you make a few you can see if they sell!

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