I’ve Entered into the 100s!

Since there are only 30 squares reminding, I figure I can do about 3 squares a month and still can finish off before the end of the year. That sound reasonable. I’m flipping through this book, and I’m really not looking forward to those single crochet squares. 😦 However, I’m dedicated! I’m in too deep now; I can’t back out now.

I’ve noticed that lately my crocheting has slowed down. I have a strong suspicion it’s my new hours. Before, I’d wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch TV, crochet, and sleep. Now, I wake up, I have all this time to kill before work, but I don’t really have that feeling that I’m going to be able to relax after work. Instead, I know I’m going to do things, and then go to work, come home, and sleep immediately. I might just be anxious to get to work- there is not really a feeling of peace. Not that work is super exciting, but still, it’s an important thing I need to do.

The squares:

99. Baby Bow: Bobbles! I love when you can take a single color and still make a fun pattern.

100. Pastel Delight: Yes. Here is 100. After this is mostly just color variations.

101. Into the Blue: Decided to go with “Into the Pink” instead.

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “I’ve Entered into the 100s!

  1. Looking beautiful! Making great progress…keep it up!

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