CAL #105, 109, 113

May the Fourth be with you! ❤

The craft show is over! Woo-hoo! Now, it’s back to normal. Whatever I want to make and finish projects! 😀

The CAL squares are still a work in progress, but the end is in sight! In case, you’re wondering about the weird numbers, the book has now entered this thing where it shows different color combinations and counts them as “new squares.”

105. Double Stripes: Because I totally loooooove single crochet squares…. /sarcasm

109. Four Square: The curling on the edges of this one is bothersome. I’m hoping it’ll straighten up when I sew them all together. It is once again a single crochet square. The colors kinda remind me of autumn.

113. Wisteria: This looks kind of familiar….

Happy Star Wars Day! And until next time, happy crocheting!


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