CAL #117, #121, #125

Allergy season is finally here, and it is bad. Eyes, nose, sometimes even my ears- so itchy! It’s like the plants thought, “Oh, you had a record setting winter? We can make it way worst for you.” No worries though, because there been a sudden heat spike, so hopefully, everything will bloom faster, and it’ll be over and done with by the end of May.

Speaking of the heat spike, I just switched out my winter clothes! Summer warmth, please be kind this year!

This usually means a decrease in my desire to touch yarn. Mostly, all fabrics. I try to wear as little as possible in the summer. There may be a slow decline in how far I manage to get in my projects from now until the end of August. Crocheting is a winter hobby for many.

117. Granny in the Middle: You can’t go wrong with granny squares.

121. Coral Seas: The name is based on the colors they used in the book. Mine is probably “Spring Flower” or something.

125. Triple Stripes: I wanted to try the green as an accent, rather than as a main color. I don’t know if using the magenta was too much.

Until next time, enjoy the weather and happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “CAL #117, #121, #125

  1. You are getting on! How many sets to go?

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