June 2015 Yarnbox!

Before we begin, it was my birthday two days ago. I’m now 27. I almost forgot how old I was, and had to do the math out. It’s just that 27 doesn’t seem like a very significant number, such as 13, 18, 21, or 30. Even 25 was more interesting: a quarter of a century! For my birthday, my boyfriend and I traveled to Vermont, and it was most wonderful. That is why I’m only now writing about the Yarnbox, as it’s been a little busy.

Now, back to the yarn.

Yarnbox is a subscription box just for yarn that starts at $35.95/month depending on the plan you choose. This is the classic box with a preference on crocheting (sometimes that makes a difference).

This month is a nice change from the mostly neutral colored yarn I’ve been getting. It is from Mrs. Crosby, and it’s their “Carpet Bag” yarn. Haha, what a funny name. It’s DK weight 80% superwash merino wool and 20% silk = SOFT. Subscribers got two skeins of 240 yards each in Sunset Regatta. The pattern provided this month is from Sara Peterson with a little shawl.

Not bad this month, Yarnbox. 🙂

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “June 2015 Yarnbox!

  1. I like the colours and the sound of ‘soft’.

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