Other Crafts: Tie Dye!

Sometimes I venture out and do other things besides yarn things. Haha. Although, right now, it seems it’s still fabric related.

My boyfriend did some laundry and something bled, so this particular shirt became a slight pink color in some spots. It’s actually really hard to tell in the pictures. Anyway, he thought it would be best to tie dye it to fix the problem, so that’s what I spent this morning doing.

At first, I was just thinking a nice red dye color, but it is after Independence Day, so guess what? 70% off all red, white, and blue related items! To make it better, this kit was the first thing you see in the front of the store!

YES! It came with some star stencils, red and blue dye, and then this white glitter.

So, then I tried it.

I thought it might be fun to make a flag pattern. They did give me all the stuff for it. (The shirt looks totally white here, but it’s really slightly pink.) The stencils are stickers and you stick it to the shirt, and then spray the dye around it. This was the easy part. The stripes were more complicated.

I wanted to avoid dying the sloth and turtle in the middle, so I did my best to do a weird bunching of the fabric to avoid any problems. Afterwards, I strayed the red on. I used a lot of red. Most of the bottle is gone! (The kit says it makes up to 8 shirts! Am I doing it wrong?!)

When you’re doing this, you might end up thinking, “Did I just murder someone?” The red really gets everywhere. In fact, I thought it might have become a disaster, but then I removed the elastics.

The sloth took a little damage, but not too bad! A good way to spend my morning! 🙂



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4 responses to “Other Crafts: Tie Dye!

  1. this came out awesome!

  2. A fun idea to rectify a problem. Well done!

  3. Those colors are so bright! What a great idea to save a shirt.

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