We’re Getting Close! CAL #165, 169, and 173

This is becoming very exciting! I have such a huge drive to finish right now; no idea why, but after 3 years, this will finally be done (almost!). I just need to figure out how to organize all these squares to make more projects later. However, that is a problem for another day. Right now, I need to finish making all the squares first, which will hopefully be soon… unless I get side tracked by another project again.

165. Coffee & Cream: I tried to keep the brown and cream color going, hence the name of the square. As I’ve stated before, I’m running low on colors, so effort made. I do like this square.

169. Interlocking Stripes: This square is a dreaded single crochet nightmare. They always look nice at the end, but the carrying and picking up is not super fun when making it. I hope to never have to make a single crochet blanket.

173. Big Round: I really like this!

Now there’s only 9 squares left until the end.

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “We’re Getting Close! CAL #165, 169, and 173

  1. Getting close! I liked the Big Round one too. Your stripey one is jolly but they weren’t my favourites either to make.

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