CAL #177, 181, 185

I’m happy to report that I’ve actually finished the last square of this CAL!  I am just a bit behind on the blogging part, but I do like to space out my posts. As long as I’ve completed them, I don’t mind having the post be a little slower.

Let’s begin!

177. Trio: Not bad. I’m not sure I would pick the white background again. It makes it seem dull.


181. Begonia: Begonia, as I had to look up, is a type of flower. I suppose the middle part looks like a flower, but I like how colorful this square is.


185. In the Pink: The book has this square going from a dark pink to a light pink color. I’m running low on colors, as mentioned before, so I made it random. You may notice that these colors are just like the colors from the previous square. I don’t think I’ll put them next to each on the blanket.

DSCN0497I have 6 more squares left to post. Isn’t that just exciting? Until next time, happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “CAL #177, 181, 185

  1. Great to think that you have now completed all the squares!

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