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Obsessed with Crochet Collars

For some reason, I’ve been on Pinterest a lot just looking at crochet collars.

At first, I thought, “Why do I need these?” But then, slowly, it became, “This is actually kinda cute.” Now, finally, I think, “I have a plain T-shirt, and a crochet collar would actually be really nice with this. I can dress this up if I wanted to. Absolutely wearable.”

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Vogue Knitting)

So, now I’m just going through Pinterest just looking at collars. Also, they’re a really small project that I could probably just whip out one with some spare yarn, in-between projects. I swear, crocheting is probably my biggest time investment, outside of life essentials (sleeping, food, cleaning).

If you know a good collar crochet pattern, feel free to share! 🙂


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Fan Day: Even Tiny Tim isn’t this tiny

My friend showed me this article, 20 Tiny Knitted and Crocheted Things, a few weeks ago.

Miniscule Snail

Let’s get real for a second. Do you see how tiny these things are? How small is this hook/needle? When I try to make tiny stitches, the whole thing just ends up as a GIANT knot. It’s not pretty. I hook some yarn, and then POW, knots. The smallest hook I own, I think, is about 1.75mm. That’s already really tiny, and that’s not even close the the normal hook sizes I use (H, I, J, and K, which is 5-6.5mm, hence the name of this blog).

This is just incredible. So tiny! It’s absolutely amazing. My favorite is probably the tiny little snowmen and the goat.

I’m a fan!


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Fan Friday: Hats

It’s May! I realize that there weren’t many updates in April. I’ve been a bit busy- defending thesis, getting a job, trying to find a new place to live, etc. But those are all just excuses! I’ll try to be more diligent about updating this blog now, but no guarantees until I find a new place and move, which won’t be until next month.

In other news, tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, where mint jubilees are drunk and probably the only time fancy hats are worn in America. (I’m looking at you, royal wedding attire.)

Crochet Concupiscence has a wonderful post of 100 unique crochet hats. Here’s a couple:

one sided

owl hood

I’m a fan!

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Fan Friday: Wine Glass Cozy

There is no need to have coasters for wine glasses, because of the wine glass stem, but doesn’t it make the glass look so pretty?

wine glass

This pattern can be bought on Ravelry for $3.25, here.

I’m a fan!

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Fan Friday: Na na na BATMAN!

I rented The Dark Knight Rises again. Then I found this:

batman crowl

This is from Projects by Carm. Pretty cool, right?

I’m a fan!!



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Fan Friday: Grenades

Couldn’t resist this one. Very creative!


This is from Howie Woo’s blog.

😀 I’m a fan!

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Fan Friday: Spring Bags

When I was browsing around on Etsy, I found the prettiest things.

blue flower bagred flower bag

Both of these patterns are from seller GraceG2.

It’s really neat! I’ve never felted before, but it’s a really cool effect.

I’m a fan!

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Fan Friday: March Madness Begins

I’m been slacking when it comes to posting, but I’m happy to report that I’ve handed in my thesis! 🙂 Hooray! Now, I’ll just be prepping for my defense. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to actually crochet now.

Today for Fan Friday, it’s March Madness! Brackets are filled in! Yesterday was the first day, and my bracket is doing okay so far, except for that win by Harvard.

Anyway, for the full basketball spirit, check out this blanket:

basketball blanket

This is from CraftCreativeKathy.

I’m a fan!


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Fan Friday: Leprechaun

As it’s Friday, the last day of Spring Break has arrived. Not that it was much of a break: I spent the entire week working on my thesis. Although, happy to say that it’s mostly completed now, which is excellent, because I would really like a day to just hang out all day in my house without have to go anywhere. I don’t think that’s going to happen this weekend, but SOON.

On Sunday, it’ll be St. Patrick’s Day, which brings me to:


Red Heart has so many patterns. This one is so cute.

I’m a fan!

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Fan Friday: Light Up the Room

While the weather isn’t really warming up, I saw this the other day:

flower lamp

Just crochet some flowers and attach to an old lamp. A very cheap way to get something “new!”

This is from the About Mo and me blog. The original post is here.

I’m a fan!


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