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It’s Been 5 Months…. Hello!

What happened?

Well, for starters, Photobucket was really getting on my nerves and I just gave up on it for a while- I have been really good about updating my Instagram and Ravelry accounts though. I’m so happy Ravelry allows me to link to Instagram- makes things so much easier! If you are curious enough about my crochet projects, here’s my Ravelry, and if you’re just curious about pictures I take, here’s my Instagram. I think I made this blog before I discovered Ravelry. Once Ravelry happened, it was much easier to keep track of projects and new patterns. Essentially, this blog is a bit irrelevant.

Now it seems that WordPress has you directly upload to their servers…. I don’t know how I feel about that. What if I run out of space?! Are you forcing me to pay you, WordPress?

Secondly, I’ve been going through a tough time since around October. Everything has been kinda hazy and feeling dull- mild depression and anxiety.  I’m trying to do my best though! Some days are better than others. I hope to get to a point where I have more better days than not, but when you’re living in the moment, it’s hard to gauge until you look back. Sometimes looking back is difficult.

Thirdly, remember that flower blanket I’ve been working on? That’s all I’ve pretty much been working on. One project isn’t much to post. I have, however, finally finished said afghan! Just a couple of weeks ago actually. Yes, all 70 squares, plus a border!


I’m sorry about the coloring in the photo. The lighting around here is not great, and I don’t have the best camera. That’s a queen-sized bed. It’s really heavy actually, and I finished it just in time for summer! Haha. Next winter, though, it’s going to be my savior.

This close up shot of the corner has slightly better lighting.


The border is not part of the original pattern. The original pattern has you do a round of plain old double crochet in the buff color all around the edge. That seemed boring. So, I pulled out my trusty “border bible” (and this is the first time I’ve actually used it, which was very exciting), and figured #9 was the best fit. I have many crochet books that I’ve never used, and it’s always exciting when I get to use them. Hahaha

After two years, I finished the project!

There’s some projects from around Christmas that I haven’t posted and I’ve been dabbing in some smaller projects between this huge blanket, so I’ll post about those eventually.

Until next time (and I promise it’ll be sooner, rather than later), happy crocheting!



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Secret Santa Fun!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates! The Christmas crocheting season is definitely in full swing. I only have completed ONE person. Only 3 more to go. Eep!

I wanted to take a quick break and share what I got for a Secret Santa gift, because it’s so adorable. 😀 I signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa, and mentioned that I like to crochet. My Santa really went with that. Look at the neat stuff I got (brag, brag, brag, sorry). 😛


I hope you have a lovely holiday season, and you are much further along than I am with your gift projects. I’ll be posting my projects once Christmas is over, so I don’t ruin the surprise for people.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Other Crafts: Tie Dye!

Sometimes I venture out and do other things besides yarn things. Haha. Although, right now, it seems it’s still fabric related.

My boyfriend did some laundry and something bled, so this particular shirt became a slight pink color in some spots. It’s actually really hard to tell in the pictures. Anyway, he thought it would be best to tie dye it to fix the problem, so that’s what I spent this morning doing.

At first, I was just thinking a nice red dye color, but it is after Independence Day, so guess what? 70% off all red, white, and blue related items! To make it better, this kit was the first thing you see in the front of the store!

YES! It came with some star stencils, red and blue dye, and then this white glitter.

So, then I tried it.

I thought it might be fun to make a flag pattern. They did give me all the stuff for it. (The shirt looks totally white here, but it’s really slightly pink.) The stencils are stickers and you stick it to the shirt, and then spray the dye around it. This was the easy part. The stripes were more complicated.

I wanted to avoid dying the sloth and turtle in the middle, so I did my best to do a weird bunching of the fabric to avoid any problems. Afterwards, I strayed the red on. I used a lot of red. Most of the bottle is gone! (The kit says it makes up to 8 shirts! Am I doing it wrong?!)

When you’re doing this, you might end up thinking, “Did I just murder someone?” The red really gets everywhere. In fact, I thought it might have become a disaster, but then I removed the elastics.

The sloth took a little damage, but not too bad! A good way to spend my morning! 🙂


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Fall Out of Summer Festival Recap!

This Sunday was the Fall Out of Summer Festival! There was some nice tables there with a lot of different types of art. The live music was nice. And FOOD. ❤ The day started well, and the clouds just kept coming until it was down pouring at one point, and the show ended earlier. Soo…

It was not as successful as I had hoped, but it was fun. I really like having a table at craft shows. I may not be as awesome as some other people, but it’s usually fun to say hi, and show people, “Hey, this is what you can do with yarn! Isn’t it the coolest?” I made more sales than the last time, which means more people have yarn in their possession now! 🙂 Soon, yarn will take over the world- haha.

Since the last time, I’ve learned a few things, and I’ve also had a lot more practice with doing tables, so this time is slightly better. I also had a very nice helper- pictured below (Thanks, T!), so that was good.

I got the idea for the banner thing online, and it took 2 hours of solid cutting and gluing paper together. Learned something that night: paper crafts can be hard!

Other than that, I think my display was pretty decent. Not pro, but good enough that I’m very happy with it.

I’ll have another show in less than two weeks on Oct 4th, and then a couple in November for the holidays. At the rate this is going, I have a lot of stock, so I don’t really need to worry as much. 😛


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Accepted! :D

Good news & bad news.

Good: My application to be a vendor at the Fall Out of Summer Arts Festival in Cranston, RI, has been accepted!

Bad: I’m only slightly prepared, and will probably be crocheting like a mad woman for the next 2 weeks.

If you’re around come and see! Admission is $1 and free for children under 12.

Displaying FOOS-2014-Poster-for-web.jpg


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This July-

– an inconceivable thing is about to happen… I will finish the CAL (probably)!

The ladies at Stitches ‘n’ Scraps and Mollie and Claire decided that they had enough with unfinished projects, and decided they wanted to get it done. They created the Finish It Challenge! (Open to all forms of fiber arts!)

finishitchallenge2014 badge 1 small
This is a 1 month challenge from July 1-31 to basically finish any projects that are over 6 months old. Notice that the CAL started more than a year ago. Hopefully, I can finish the 50-60 squares that I have left during that time! Fingers crossed!

Check out this post here for more info:

And join the Ravelry group here:


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Etsy & May 2014 Yarnbox

I opened an Etsy shop this week! I was pondering doing it or not for a while, but I’m going to take the risk. I’m also going to try to do more craft shows this year too. When I did that craft show last December, a lot of people didn’t actually buy anything, but they did ask if I sold stuff online (probably so they could use their credit card). I’m hoping that I can use the craft shows to promote the shop. 😀 The link is at the top of the page and here:

Now, not sure why, but my Yarnbox has liked to arrive on rainy days lately. Should I expect it next month too? It’ll be a weather predictor!

may 2014 yarnbox

I’m not necessary disappointed with the yarn this month. It is very good yarn, but when I heard about the other possible yarn: Hampden Hills’ Alpaca Silk, my reaction was: “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! [open box]…. Awwwww.” This yarn that I got is Cherry Tree Hills sock yarn. The color is Riverbank and it is made of 100% merino. They don’t sell direct, so you’ll have to check your local yarn store (none in RI, sadly). The color looks like a muted version of the yarn I’m working with in my Tunisian crochet project. It’s 420 yards each, which is perfect to start another project!

For other things, Cherry Tree Hills/Potluck Yarn has included a code for a free pattern: SECRETS, on their shop site. Looks like a lot of sock patterns, but there’s others too. Hampden Hills also gave a discount of 15% from their shop, and I get a small packet of detergent.

Like all the other boxes, there were two featured designers this month, but I only got one info card. The card is for crochet designer Taylor Tengelsen, who has a free sock pattern this month. I wonder if it’s because I picked crochet, that I don’t get the card for the other featured designer: Jessica Larson with a free knitted cowl pattern.

Happy crocheting!


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Stitch Fix #4

As much as I love Stitch Fix, this one was a complete fail! 😦

Stitch Fix is a personal styling box, where by paying a $20 styling fee, you will get 5 items in the mail to try on in the comfort of your own home and then you can buy the pieces you love. You fill out a very detailed style profile, so that the stylist can pick good pieces for you, but that didn’t work out for me this time.

stitch fix #4

Starting from the top left:

Elizabeth Geo Print 3/4 Sleeve Dress– Great pattern! Reminds me of this jacket that my mom had in her closet from the 80s. It draped a little loose, so I tried it with a belt, but the pattern and the belt didn’t really work out. Also, it cost $128! Out of my price range right now.

Farah Fit & Flare Striped Dress– This was a great dress. I love everything about it- the color and the cut! I probably would have kept it, but it was pretty tight around the chest and middle area. I could zipper the dress just fine, but it was definitely too tight.

Jessabelle Geo Knit Tank– Felt too casual. Also, I wasn’t getting into that low scoop neck line. I’m standing as straight as possible in that picture, so it doesn’t fall any lower.

Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse– Just like in the Geo Knit Tank, it was a LOW cut shirt. Once again, standing as straight as possible to avoid it from falling down too low. It was a little big. Other than that, I love the teal color, the fabric (super light), and the fake pocket design. It’s a perfect work shirt, and casual enough for the weekend too!

Eric Lace Detail A-line Jersey Dress– I loved this dress! I even included a detail of the sleeve- the lace detailing is so beautiful! I decided not to keep it, because I already have a few black dresses and it was slightly higher than I was willing to pay ($118).

Overall, I kept nothing. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Hopefully, next time will be better!

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Loops, Loops, and Guinea Pigs!

This is the beginning/midway of my Tunisian crochet project. Just look at all the loops! I’m not even half way. The project did suggest an extension, but I couldn’t find one at the craft store. Hm… hopefully, everything will be just fine.

In other news, guess who just joined the family?!

guinea pigs

Meet Sodium and Chloride! They’re pretty identical, except Sodium has white feet. I just got them yesterday and they’ve pretty much been hiding most of the time, so this is a rare shot of them out of their hidey house. Sorry if the picture is blurry, I had to take it quickly, because they keep going to get food, grabbing a bite, and running back to their hiding spot. It’s going to take some time for them to get use to their new home, but I think they’re doing well. NaCl are definitely happily squeaking/purring(?) it up. They also seem to like squeaking when they poop too… is that normal? Anyway, they are brothers and about 4 weeks old! I’m going to take them to the vet in a week or so, just to get them checked out. They’re super cute!


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I won some yarn!

Recently, Rainbow Junkie aka Jane had her two year blog anniversary, and she had a giveaway. I won some yarn!

It’s a nice sock yarn with a pattern book for knit socks. These are going to be some super colorful socks!

You should definitely go check out her blog. It’s very true to the name; it’s a very colorful, rainbow-filled blog!


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