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My October KnitCrate

…And my last.  As I’ve mentioned before, KnitCrate is cancelling their crochet box. 😦 A lot of the crocheters are going to switch to their Fiberbox subscription, but that box is only yarn with no special stuff and just as costly. If I just wanted unique yarn, I’m going to join a more price-friendly yarn subscription, so soon, I’ll be getting Yarnbox, which is about $30 cheaper for a monthly sub. 🙂

Anyway, this was the October Crochet KnitCrate:

Oct knitcrate

It included Bijou Bliss yarn from Colorado (50% yak down, 50% cormo).  Yak down certainly sounds interesting.  It feels super soft, and I’ve got 300 yards!  There is also some Cosmos Salted Caramels, which I’ll probably eat later, but sounds pretty good (and all natural).  There’s a crochet bracelet kit!  I’m going to see jewelry crochet in action! Now you may be asking, “Where’s the pattern?” The crate includes a code to pick any pattern from Justine Walley’s Ravelry shop for free! And you know what’s the only type of pattern in her shop? SLOUCHY HATS! This is great!

As you know, I’ve been trying to make a great slouchy hat now, and hopefully this is my chance! YES! I’m liking this one:

clara slouchy hat

Well, KnitCrate, we’ve had a fun run. I’m sorry you’ll be going now, and I’ll be switching over to Yarnbox. Bye.

Also, this time, I’m not going to make the same mistake, and will be rolling all my hanks into balls BEFORE using them. No tangles this time- no ways!



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WIP: Time for a Simple Repetitive Pattern

So after that hat failure (thanks to my readers for all the suggestions!), I’m going to take a quick break from hat making. For some reason, I haven’t had very good luck with hats. No worries- one day… one day a great hat will be made, and I will be happy without any need to frog it! It will happen!

If you remember, I posted that I received a KnitCrate recently. Sadly, they are going to discontinue their crochet subscription. 😦 I’ll be getting one more box, and then it’s over. Goodbye lovely subscription….

I loved you, KnitCrate. How could you do this?

Anyway, the September crate came with a lovely cowl/infinity scarf pattern, and it’s a rather simple project to work on. The pattern can be purchased from Ravelry.

It actually doesn’t have a traditional foundation chain. Instead, the first row starts with a row of “pearls.” This is my row of pearls. It looks so beautiful. This yarn is great!

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My September KnitCrate is Here!

Last month I sighed up a new subscription box: KnitCrate! It came in the mail today! It came in this large red/pink shiny envelope, and at first, I thought, “Did Ipsy send something super large this month?” (Ipsy is a makeup subscription that uses pink shiny envelopes.)

KnitCrate is a monthly or bi-monthly yarn subscription. There are eight different subscription types: beginning knitting, inter/advance knitting, crochet, baby, minis, indie, sock, and fiberbox. I got the bi-monthly crochet box, and am so excited.

I chose KnitCrate because it gives the option of crochet. I found most other subscription boxes are mostly knitting oriented, so I was really happy about a crochet targeted subscription. Woo!

sept knitcrate

I got nice hand dyed yarn from Lorna’s Laces. It’s a merino wool blend. The color, Monkeyshines, is okay, with the blue/gray/yellow combo, but maybe it’ll look really good once I’ve actually created something with it.

I like that I get a pattern that can use the yarn. It’ll make a cowl/infinity scarf. Another subscription was more like a yarn of the month box, and while you can never have too much yarn, I might never know what to do with it. So, I’m really glad that they give a pattern to use with it. This is more like a crochet project of the month type thing.

There is also a Fix-a-Stitch extra, which seems to be more targeted toward knitters to fix their knits and purls. (I don’t even know what purling is.) I will probably gift this to one of my knitting friends.

Lastly, I got a Dyeabolical aloe and olive oil luffa soap. There was so a promo code for 20% off the Soap of the Month club, which I will probably use. 🙂

Overall, I’m happy with the products that I got. This is a really fun subscription, and I’m so glad I found this.

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Crochet Canoe

This is just too good, and I really needed to share. From Network Rae’s blog. Just genius.

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