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Great Yarn Purge of 2016

Back in January, I read this book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kando. It’s life changing.

Afterwards, I began the 3 week process of tidying up my apartment. I donated a ton of clothes and things, and tossed a lot of what couldn’t be donated. All these things that we think hold some sort of “sentimental” value… years later you realize they hold no meaning. Who gave this to me again? Where did this come from? Why did I buy this? It was nice to go through all these things and actually keep the things that mattered. If they still hold value now, then it was worth keeping.

During this process, I also got rid of some yarn. Mostly colors that I had no idea why I had or those single leftover skeins from large projects. I was left with this:

This is a bookshelf and a large plastic tote. Oh wait, there’s more! To the right of the bookshelf, you’ll see a bag, which is filled with yarn, and if you look closely, it’s on top of another bag of yarn (also filled with yarn), and finally, they’re both on top of a box (that’s right, also filled with yarn).

With some encouragement (Boyfriend: “There’s too much yarn around here.”) I have decided to go on a yarn cleanse.

Since I’m not doing any craft shows this year, from now until November 1 (start of Christmas gift time), I’ll be trying to use up as much as possible making hats, scarfs, and gloves. These are all quick projects usually. Then I’ll just DONATE ALL OF THEM. If you know any good places to donate in the US (I’ll definitely pay to have things shipped), please let me know in the comments below.

I probably won’t post all the project here, but my Instagram will have things (#greatyarnpurge2016). I might do a recap post though.

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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Would People Wear This?

I recently found a pattern in my Amazing Crochet Lace book to make a dress. It’s called the “Heat Wave Mini-Dress.” (For some reason, the hardcover version of that book on Amazon is OVER $1000.00! O_O!)

It looks cute, but as with my original fear with making a yarn based dressed, it’s not tightly knit. I would most likely have to:
1. wear nude colored underwear or,
2. learn to sew, and sew some fabric underneath or,
3. hope the dress over pants trend returns. (Wait, is it still a thing?)

(But, seriously, if anyone wants this dress, it is a size small, email me or leave a comment below. You’ll have to figure out the above mentioned problem on your own.)

It’s also warm, because I used wool. Hm, I need to think about my fabric choices better in the future.

This is a seamless dress, which means it is all made in one round, and I didn’t have to sew anything together. You start with the halter top, followed by the open crossed mid-section (your belly is showing! Gasp!), and finally, the skirt. The pattern has the skirt to be MUCH shorter, but I’m not that bold.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the end result. Not too bad.

Happy Independence Day for those in America! Until next time, happy crocheting!




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Beaded Cadfael Shawl

Around Christmas time, I got a kit to crochet a shawl from a Secret Santa. It included a pattern for the Cadfael Shawlette and enough yarn to complete the project.

I started the project on my trip to China. I was really tired, super jetlagged, and trying to read a pattern. Honestly, the chart is much easier to figure out, but I did not figure that out until after I had returned home and became well rested again- months later.


It’s a very simple and repetitive pattern, and it was moving so slowly on those 16 hour flights. When I picked it up again a few weeks again, it moved much more quickly!

The pattern does not mention anything with beads, but my Secret Santa included them, so I decided to add them in. Crocheting with beads is a lot easier than people make it to be. It can be tedious to string them to on. The end result is so shiny- how could one resist!

I’ve never made anything this large with fingering weight yarn. As I usually avoid sock making, the most I’ve ever made with fingering yarn was some bracelets. This shawl turned out really nice though!

At the longest part, it is 50″ across and 18″ down. Blocking is really important for this project! Otherwise, you can’t get these little details, especially at the edges.

I’m really pleased with the end result, and hope to be able to wear it around this summer and into the fall. 🙂

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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It’s Been 5 Months…. Hello!

What happened?

Well, for starters, Photobucket was really getting on my nerves and I just gave up on it for a while- I have been really good about updating my Instagram and Ravelry accounts though. I’m so happy Ravelry allows me to link to Instagram- makes things so much easier! If you are curious enough about my crochet projects, here’s my Ravelry, and if you’re just curious about pictures I take, here’s my Instagram. I think I made this blog before I discovered Ravelry. Once Ravelry happened, it was much easier to keep track of projects and new patterns. Essentially, this blog is a bit irrelevant.

Now it seems that WordPress has you directly upload to their servers…. I don’t know how I feel about that. What if I run out of space?! Are you forcing me to pay you, WordPress?

Secondly, I’ve been going through a tough time since around October. Everything has been kinda hazy and feeling dull- mild depression and anxiety.  I’m trying to do my best though! Some days are better than others. I hope to get to a point where I have more better days than not, but when you’re living in the moment, it’s hard to gauge until you look back. Sometimes looking back is difficult.

Thirdly, remember that flower blanket I’ve been working on? That’s all I’ve pretty much been working on. One project isn’t much to post. I have, however, finally finished said afghan! Just a couple of weeks ago actually. Yes, all 70 squares, plus a border!


I’m sorry about the coloring in the photo. The lighting around here is not great, and I don’t have the best camera. That’s a queen-sized bed. It’s really heavy actually, and I finished it just in time for summer! Haha. Next winter, though, it’s going to be my savior.

This close up shot of the corner has slightly better lighting.


The border is not part of the original pattern. The original pattern has you do a round of plain old double crochet in the buff color all around the edge. That seemed boring. So, I pulled out my trusty “border bible” (and this is the first time I’ve actually used it, which was very exciting), and figured #9 was the best fit. I have many crochet books that I’ve never used, and it’s always exciting when I get to use them. Hahaha

After two years, I finished the project!

There’s some projects from around Christmas that I haven’t posted and I’ve been dabbing in some smaller projects between this huge blanket, so I’ll post about those eventually.

Until next time (and I promise it’ll be sooner, rather than later), happy crocheting!


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Finished My Sweater!

Who says I can’t finish a CAL? I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. The pattern is from Simply Crochet by Robyn Chachula. It’s a book with 22 patterns from different designers. This pattern is called the “Spa Shawl Top” by Doris Chan. Doris Chan is well known for her big lace designs. This is no different.

It was a little bit difficult to understand the pattern at first. You really have to read it carefully, but, in the end, it was straight forward.

It’s an alternating pattern of shells and Vs with a solid waistband in the middle. Choosing the buttons was the best part. I picked these shell/fan patterned buttons, because they match the shell crochet pattern.

This is 80% wool and 20% silk. It’s really soft and light weight. The color is great. It’ll work in the fall too! This is Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn from one of my Yarnboxes.

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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70 Flowers

A while back I mentioned that I was going to make a flower afghan and that I’ve been wanting to make it for a couple of years now. I’m happy to report that stage 1 has been completed!

This is what 70 crocheted flowers look like:

DSCN0500These 70 flowers will eventually become 70 squares! Each of these flowers has taken me 15 minutes, so you can do the math on that one. I might have to keep this afghan, I’ve spent so much time on it. Although, if someone I know- really know, really love- is going to get married or something, this would make an excellent wedding gift.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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A Pair of Christmas Slippers

It’s that time of year for gifts. My boyfriend asked me to make a pair of slippers for his uncle. In past experience- I hate making socks, and I hoped super hard that this would be NOTHING like making socks. (Although, with the amount of sock yarn I have right now, I might have to make socks soon….) Luckily, this was absolutely nothing like making socks. I got this pattern from The Crochet Architect, and they are so easy to do. One night I just sat down, and finished a whole slipper in about 4 hours! (Then you just feel all empty inside because you just finished it, and, well, what happens now? Anyone else ever get such a feeling when they complete something?)

Besides that though, I REALLY liked how fast these were to make (compared to socks) and how nice they are! I might have to make more of these in the future. This is a fantastic pattern!

Happy crocheting!

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American Sign Language

The holidays are here and the crocheting does not stop for nothing! At a craft show a few months back, a man approached me. I had a sign on my table that said I did custom orders and nobody had ever taken advantage of that, but this man came right up and asked about it. Not in many words, though, as he was deaf. It was difficult to communicate at first- we tried writing messages on our phones or notebooks, and eventually, we got to an understanding. He wanted some granny squares with the American Sign Language of “I love you” on it. I tried my best to get what he wanted, and he ended up asking for 3 more squares! He gave these squares as a reward to pre-K students who are learning sign language. Craft shows are pretty great- I’ve made a new friend and learned new things!


                    Credit to Damien

These are all single crochet squares, and as many of my fellow crocheters might tell you, they are so tedious to do. 😛 The work was put in for these. Overall, I’m really pleased with how these turned out!

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Baby Hats

WordPress has this new editing system. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Is it better? I don’t know- I’m still trying to navigate through.

One of my coworkers requested some hats for her grandchildren. They aren’t born yet, I don’t think, but always be prepared, I suppose- especially when it comes to having little children.

She asked for them in green, because blue is too typical for boys. Green is a rather neutral color and one of favorites! Twas an excellent choice. I even added a little pompom on top for some flare, and to give it a pop of color.

baby hat

Baby heads are so tiny! They are such cute little hats. Usually a hat takes me an hour or two, but these were done in about 30 minutes- pompoms included. They’re just soooo small- like the size of my fist.

Happy Crocheting! Until next time!


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Summer Shawl


The Tunisian crochet project is complete! Am I excited? YES. Would I do it again? NO. There were just too many loops towards the end, and even with THREE hooks, it was pretty tightly packed. When loops are that tight on the hook, my hand starts to cramp up. Oh, crochet problems.

The finished result is a summer shawl. It can work for fall too, but the colors remind me of summer. Ta-da!

There’s a nice ruffle edging that is much easier to make than I had anticipated. Actually, the whole Tunisian crochet thing is much easier than I thought. It does end up looking a lot like knitting. Here’s a close up of the center part:

I will definitely try other Tunisian projects in the future, but hopefully ones that don’t require an extension. Hee hee, oops.

I have finished this just in time for July, so that the Finish It Challenge can be the main focus! Wooo! Am I excited to make squares? You bet!

Also, I got my Yarnbox, which I’ll post about next time. Just in time for my birthday too!

Happy Crocheting!


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