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Yarn Winder

For my birthday, my sister gave me a yarn winder because I asked. I also got a waffle maker and that was awesome.

Anyway, I decided to test out the winder. This is what it looks like:


It’s a standard yarn winder, I guess. I’m not too familiar with them as I’ve always done it by hand.

The thing is I don’t have a swift. So, I improvised. I tried some free hand weights, but that was good. They kept falling over. I had my boyfriend hold the yarn while I winded it, and it worked fine, but he’s not always around to help with that. Then I tried some chairs.


The chair legs were maybe too long? It was okay. I’m debating if I should get a swifter. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing?

This is what the ball of yarn turned out to be:


It’s okay? I mean, it’s usable and won’t get tangled anymore (hopefully).

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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A Manly Hat?

No work today. It is the Blizzard Juno of 2015. It’s very windy outside, and there’s probably about a little more than a foot of snow when I woke this morning. When I look out the window, it’s really unique to see the snow coming down and then suddenly travel upwards, like gravity doesn’t even matter. In light of an unexpected day off, I plan to crochet and play games for most of the day. Don’t even need to cook today, because I made a really nice pot of soup yesterday that should last the rest of the week probably. (Used an immersion blender for the first time- amazing! So glad I bought it!)

Recently, I attempted to make a hat that was more appealing to men. This is because at craft shows many women will come to my table and ask, “Do you have any hats for men? My husband really needs one.” Of course, I don’t. I make a lot of girly things, that usually appeal to the ages of 5-12. When they ask this, two thoughts will run through my mind:
1. That’s so sweet.
2. He probably thinks he doesn’t need a hat, at least not one without some sort of sport logo on it, cause it’s not good enough for him. He wants to be a “real” man.
The latter is definitely based on experience. I will no longer waste nice yarn making hats and scarves for my male friends unless they specifically ask for it.

This hat is made using the pattern from AG Handmades, and you see it here. I really do love the ribbing, even if it’s a huge yarn eater! If you ignore the feminine looking mannequin head, it looks like it could be for a guy, right? Opinions have tended to range in a score of 7/10 for manly scale. I might have made a bad decision with the yarn colors. It’s actually brown and dark green with the cream.

In my hands the skeins looked way more contrasting, but on the hat, it all blends together. I actually bought this yarn from a fiber arts festival I went to! It was a small festival, but there were a few spinneries there selling their yarn. Most people at this festival were women, and I was one of the younger ones.

This particular yarn is from Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. If I’m ever there, I would definitely visit. The woman at the booth was very nice and so helpful.

If you’re in the Northeast, stay warm during this storm! As always, happy crocheting!

Meanwhile, outside….



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December 2014 Yarnbox

I get about 3 subscription boxes regularly: Birchbox, Popsugar Must Have, and Yarnbox. In terms of value, they all have their perks, but Yarnbox is probably my favorite, because I get exposure to my favorite thing- yarn! The LYS doesn’t always have such a variety of brands and types, and also, I wouldn’t even think about buying it. Once I get the yarn in a box though, I think of all the possibilities I could make with it, and it is wondrous. Every month is beautiful. This month is no exception.

The yarn this month is from a company in the UK called Baa Ram Ewe (how cute)! This is their fingering yarn blend called Titus in the color Aire. It is made from 70% British wool (50% Wensleydale longwood and 20% bluefaced leicester) and 30% UK alpaca. It is so soft! Each skein is 320 meters. The featured designers this month are Denise Voie de Vie with a crochet pattern and Mindy Wilkes with a knitted pattern. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Yarnbox also includes a new type of stitch with each box. They are almost always knit stitches so I never mention them, but I guess if I ever learn to knit it would be a good card to have. This month is also a knit stitch- the hemp stitch.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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The first of many. At question is: should I invest in one of those yarn ball making things? What are they called? =/


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I won some yarn!

Recently, Rainbow Junkie aka Jane had her two year blog anniversary, and she had a giveaway. I won some yarn!

It’s a nice sock yarn with a pattern book for knit socks. These are going to be some super colorful socks!

You should definitely go check out her blog. It’s very true to the name; it’s a very colorful, rainbow-filled blog!


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January 2014 Yarnbox

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this month’s box. It is so pretty and shiny! The theme this month is called Fairy Lights, and the yarn fits really well into this theme. It came a little later than usual this month, but it’s always worth it! Actually, I was a little nervous, because when I peeked into my mailbox, it looked like my box was opened, but it doesn’t look like I’m missing anything-phew.

jan 14 yarnbox

There were two different types of yarn this month. Both yarns were from Knit Collage. The first yarn is their Stargazer Silk in French Vanilla, which is 100% silk yarn with brass sequins on in. I love the idea of working with sequins (and I don’t have to thread it on). It’ll make a really cute hat. This yarn is valued at $32 (which is already the price of the box!). The second yarn is their Pixie Dust Mini in Seashell Pink, which is a wool/mohair/angelina mix. It’s valued at $28. Both yarns are soooo soft and just absolutely gorgeous!

The featured designers this month were Cheryl Kubat with a free knit hat pattern, and Lianka Azulay with a free crochet Crocodile Stitch Hooded Cape! I’m so excited to try to make a freaking cape, and I’ll finally have an excuse to learn the crocodile stitch. Also, as a bonus gift this month, the creative director of Yarnbox included a free pattern too: Hannah Thiessen made a free crocheted cowl pattern for all Yarnbox members.

Finally, since I ordered a 6 month subscription, it includes a free gift for first timers. 😀 They usually ship it out in the fourth month and it’s my fourth month! I picked crochet as my preference, so I got a lovely set of bamboo crochet hooks! They’re not like regular crochet hooks either, more like Tunisian crochet hooks, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to teach myself. Perfect!

This may be my favorite subscription box this month!


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December 2013 Yarnbox

It came! It came!

Yarnbox is one of those things that doesn’t email out tracking numbers, and you actually have to log on to their site to track them. That way, I let this be a surprise in the mail. It was a perfect ending to a really long week! Boy, was it looooong. Ugh. Hopefully, once Jan 10th hits, all this long holiday/traveling stress will just be over. (The Jetlag will take over, and life will return to normal.)


december 2013 yarnbox

In this month’s box, there were two types of yarns available depending on how you set your profile. Some people got Holiday Yarns’ Flock Sock, but I got Knitting Rose Yarns’ Swiss Bloom in Blue Suede Shoes (it’s worsten yarn). This yarn usually retails for $29, and I got two skeins! There were also free patterns from Rachel Coopey (for knitting socks) and Tanja Osswald (for crochet handwarmers). There are discounts on their patterns too. Lastly, there was a tiny candy cane- seasons greetings, indeed!

Rachel seems to have a whole collection of knitting socks, and based on her blog, she has some pretty cool hair. (It’s the purple color!) Also, FYI, Tanja has good free scarf patterns on her Ravelry!

I love the box this month!


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November 2013 Yarnbox!

The November Yarnbox has arrived! Looks like Bijou Spun is getting to be a pretty popular yarn brand.

nov 13 yarnbox

You may recognize it from my October KnitCrate. This time it’s DK weight, instead of worsted, but it’s still a yak-based yarn. Still as soft as it was before.  There are also codes for free patterns and discounts from Melissa Goodale and Michele DuNaier, some candy, and a packet of detergent for hand washing delicates.  The free crochet pattern was for a shawl, and it’s really pretty. I can’t wait to make it!  I’m really starting to like the Bijou Spun yarn- it’s soft, and the hat and gloves I made with it is super soft!

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October Yarnbox

I signed up for a 6 month subscription of Yarnbox, because there’s a free gift! Woo! Also, more importantly, a six month subscription is only $33 per box, while month-to-month is $39 per box. It’s really exciting to get some fun yarn!

oct yarnbox

There was a dog theme to this box. Cute! The yarn is from Fiber Hound, where all the yarns are named after different breeds of dogs. The yarns are from the Afghan Hound line (DK weight, Merino/Silk mix) in the colors of Hushpuppy and Sirius. Apparently, Afghan Hounds were hunting dogs from the Middle East. There were also some promo codes for discounts on knitting and crocheting patterns. Lastly, there’s some cute bone shaped candy.

The colors go really well together. One is brown with some blue specks, while the other is blue with some brown specks. I was thinking of making a striped infinity scarf.

So much yarn, so little time! 😀


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My October KnitCrate

…And my last.  As I’ve mentioned before, KnitCrate is cancelling their crochet box. 😦 A lot of the crocheters are going to switch to their Fiberbox subscription, but that box is only yarn with no special stuff and just as costly. If I just wanted unique yarn, I’m going to join a more price-friendly yarn subscription, so soon, I’ll be getting Yarnbox, which is about $30 cheaper for a monthly sub. 🙂

Anyway, this was the October Crochet KnitCrate:

Oct knitcrate

It included Bijou Bliss yarn from Colorado (50% yak down, 50% cormo).  Yak down certainly sounds interesting.  It feels super soft, and I’ve got 300 yards!  There is also some Cosmos Salted Caramels, which I’ll probably eat later, but sounds pretty good (and all natural).  There’s a crochet bracelet kit!  I’m going to see jewelry crochet in action! Now you may be asking, “Where’s the pattern?” The crate includes a code to pick any pattern from Justine Walley’s Ravelry shop for free! And you know what’s the only type of pattern in her shop? SLOUCHY HATS! This is great!

As you know, I’ve been trying to make a great slouchy hat now, and hopefully this is my chance! YES! I’m liking this one:

clara slouchy hat

Well, KnitCrate, we’ve had a fun run. I’m sorry you’ll be going now, and I’ll be switching over to Yarnbox. Bye.

Also, this time, I’m not going to make the same mistake, and will be rolling all my hanks into balls BEFORE using them. No tangles this time- no ways!


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