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Beaded Cadfael Shawl

Around Christmas time, I got a kit to crochet a shawl from a Secret Santa. It included a pattern for the Cadfael Shawlette and enough yarn to complete the project.

I started the project on my trip to China. I was really tired, super jetlagged, and trying to read a pattern. Honestly, the chart is much easier to figure out, but I did not figure that out until after I had returned home and became well rested again- months later.


It’s a very simple and repetitive pattern, and it was moving so slowly on those 16 hour flights. When I picked it up again a few weeks again, it moved much more quickly!

The pattern does not mention anything with beads, but my Secret Santa included them, so I decided to add them in. Crocheting with beads is a lot easier than people make it to be. It can be tedious to string them to on. The end result is so shiny- how could one resist!

I’ve never made anything this large with fingering weight yarn. As I usually avoid sock making, the most I’ve ever made with fingering yarn was some bracelets. This shawl turned out really nice though!

At the longest part, it is 50″ across and 18″ down. Blocking is really important for this project! Otherwise, you can’t get these little details, especially at the edges.

I’m really pleased with the end result, and hope to be able to wear it around this summer and into the fall. 🙂

Until next time, happy crocheting!



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It’s a Bracelet!


This was the first time I’ve ever done beading/jewelry crochet, and now I don’t even know why I was so scared to do it! It’s actually super easy. I might have to get that book from the library that I’ve seen, but usually pass on because it involves beads. The only tricky part was that the beads need to be threaded on to the yarn/thread beforehand. (The instructions gave no mention of that.)

This was the “fun extra” from my October KnitCrate. It’s really fun, and after threading on the beads, took probably 30 minutes to make.

Here’s a shot of it laid out:

bracelet on floor


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