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August 2015 Yarnbox

Welcome to September! I was a little busy at the end of August, so there’s a bit of delay with this box post. No worries, because here we are.

Moving into fall, I think this is the perfect colored yarn.

The yarn this month is from The Verdant Gryphon. They have a fantastic logo! I received two 412yd skeins of sport weight (it’s called Bugga yarn) in the color Saturday Night. It’s 70% merino wool, 20% cashmere, and 10% mylon.

The featured designer this month for crochet is Katya Novikova. It’s pretty!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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CAL #141, 145, 149

A lot has happened this month, and I’ve made so much progress with the yarn! I feel like my yarn stash has been decreasing, but I can’t really tell, because there is still so much yarn around here.

Dear Friends and Family,
Thank you for putting up with all my yarn clutter (and regular clutter, in general) when you visit my apartment.

You may start to notice that these squares will have very similar colors, because the yarn for this project is definitely dwindling. I don’t want to buy more since I’m almost done. Once I finish all these CAL squares (15 more to go!), I’m going to pick the best ones and make a blanket that will hopefully fit my bed. 😀 I’ve already got the yarn that will make a nice border.

141. Quartet: A typical single crochet square, and rather simple too.

145. Chocolate Box: This is so nice! I love this square. The little link bits really draw this together.

149. Solid Square: It’s a simple color choice, but it’s really nice.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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