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Star Wars Ewok Hood

Welcome to November! Now that Halloween is over, it’s slightly less stressful. My half marathon is over (woo, all that training can now die down a little aka 2 hour runs are long, but 1 hour runs = whatever), and I only have 2 more craft shows!

A few weeks ago, my friend asked for an Ewok hood for  so I looked at the picture she sent me and made this up as I went.


I made a scarf, and then a smaller, but thicker, rectangle for the hood. I sewed them together and this is the outcome. I might have made the hood too big, but it drapes really nicely now. I also put a little button on it in case she wanted to hold the scarf together more securely.


It’s really warm!

Happy belated Halloween, everyone! (You go get that Halloween candy on sale now.) Happy crocheting until next time!


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Fan Friday: Crochet Halloween Costume

This is Veronica Knight, who makes crochet cyclops costumes for fun.

It’s probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen just from crochet! Amazing, right?!

Source: Makezine

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Motif Monday: Boo, a ghost!

With Halloween quickly approaching, here’s a free ghost crochet pattern I found:


Can you say, “adorable?” 🙂

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Fan Friday: Halloween Hooks!

This Fan Friday there’s no yarn (what is this blasphemy?)! Check out these awesome crochet hooks instead!

This little pumpkin is handmade by rparishwoodwork, and can be bought from his Etsy store!

Jack the Pumpkin King is made by Scary2merry, who has a tons of cute crochet hooks and stitch markers. Check out their Etsy store too!

I’m a fan!

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