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It’s Been 5 Months…. Hello!

What happened?

Well, for starters, Photobucket was really getting on my nerves and I just gave up on it for a while- I have been really good about updating my Instagram and Ravelry accounts though. I’m so happy Ravelry allows me to link to Instagram- makes things so much easier! If you are curious enough about my crochet projects, here’s my Ravelry, and if you’re just curious about pictures I take, here’s my Instagram. I think I made this blog before I discovered Ravelry. Once Ravelry happened, it was much easier to keep track of projects and new patterns. Essentially, this blog is a bit irrelevant.

Now it seems that WordPress has you directly upload to their servers…. I don’t know how I feel about that. What if I run out of space?! Are you forcing me to pay you, WordPress?

Secondly, I’ve been going through a tough time since around October. Everything has been kinda hazy and feeling dull- mild depression and anxiety.  I’m trying to do my best though! Some days are better than others. I hope to get to a point where I have more better days than not, but when you’re living in the moment, it’s hard to gauge until you look back. Sometimes looking back is difficult.

Thirdly, remember that flower blanket I’ve been working on? That’s all I’ve pretty much been working on. One project isn’t much to post. I have, however, finally finished said afghan! Just a couple of weeks ago actually. Yes, all 70 squares, plus a border!


I’m sorry about the coloring in the photo. The lighting around here is not great, and I don’t have the best camera. That’s a queen-sized bed. It’s really heavy actually, and I finished it just in time for summer! Haha. Next winter, though, it’s going to be my savior.

This close up shot of the corner has slightly better lighting.


The border is not part of the original pattern. The original pattern has you do a round of plain old double crochet in the buff color all around the edge. That seemed boring. So, I pulled out my trusty “border bible” (and this is the first time I’ve actually used it, which was very exciting), and figured #9 was the best fit. I have many crochet books that I’ve never used, and it’s always exciting when I get to use them. Hahaha

After two years, I finished the project!

There’s some projects from around Christmas that I haven’t posted and I’ve been dabbing in some smaller projects between this huge blanket, so I’ll post about those eventually.

Until next time (and I promise it’ll be sooner, rather than later), happy crocheting!



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It’s a CAL/KAL for the Holidays!

On Ravelry, there’s a Gift-A-Long! Participating indie designers are discounting their patterns for 25% off until November 15, and there’s a chance to win a whole ton of prizes! Crochet projects are limited but it’ll still be fun to participate. 😀 It’s perfect for the holiday season crochet gifting marathon! I’ve picked three projects to do, so I hope it’ll be fun!

On another note, I’ve just returned from a business trip to Chicago. At first, it’s a concrete jungle like any other, but then you look again, the architecture is really nice! I also, got to eat some really unique food, like fried pig ears and, of course, the famous Chicago stuffed pizza.


The Chicago River

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Motif Monday: Ripple Baby Blanket

Most afghans I’ve had are rectangular, which is why I thought this pattern was really cool.

It’s round! This is definitely on my “to-try list.”

The pattern can be found on Ravelry from user, Celeste Young: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-ripple-baby-blanket

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