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2015 Christmas Scarves!

Scarves are probably one of the quicker “wearables” to make, besides hats, which make them very Christmas gift friendly. It usually takes me about a week to make one. I hope everyone had a good holiday, and now that it’s over I can post pictures! Wooo! The anticipation is great every year. Although, I’ve mostly completed everything I need to now, in terms of requests. I guess, I can actually do projects I want to now. What an odd feeling.

This year I made three scarves for Christmas.

First, for my mother:12345733_1532355670414005_1786678553_n_medium2

She likes colorful things. I saw this yarn in the sale section of A.C. Moore, and immediately thought it would be a great scarf yarn for her. It’s Stitch Studio by Nicole Mystic Waves in the color of Shade Garden, 70% acrylic and 30% wool.

Second, for my boyfriend:


This is a double crochet ribbed pattern that’s 6 inches across and 5’5″ long. I started off with the blue color, but then noticed I was running out…. 😦 I added the green color so it works. It matches perfectly actually. You may recognize this yarn from one of my yarn boxes!  (Yes, I’m using up yarn!)

Lastly, for my friend:


She wanted an infinity scarf that was pre-tied. This was a very new concept to me, but basically, all I had to do was crochet a regular scarf and then put a little knot in the middle before sewing the ends together so it makes a permanent figure 8.

Happy new year! May you have wonderful new projects in 2016!




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Star Wars Ewok Hood

Welcome to November! Now that Halloween is over, it’s slightly less stressful. My half marathon is over (woo, all that training can now die down a little aka 2 hour runs are long, but 1 hour runs = whatever), and I only have 2 more craft shows!

A few weeks ago, my friend asked for an Ewok hood for  so I looked at the picture she sent me and made this up as I went.


I made a scarf, and then a smaller, but thicker, rectangle for the hood. I sewed them together and this is the outcome. I might have made the hood too big, but it drapes really nicely now. I also put a little button on it in case she wanted to hold the scarf together more securely.


It’s really warm!

Happy belated Halloween, everyone! (You go get that Halloween candy on sale now.) Happy crocheting until next time!

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It’s a Cupcake Set!

Happy New Year! It’s New Year’s Eve right now on this side of the world, but to the other side, Happy New Year! 😀 For 2014, I hope to do the usual- better health, lifestyle choices, and get more yarn projects done! Do you have any hopes for next year?

Now, another present for my sister! So, last year, I made her this cupcake hat, so it is only fitting to have a cupcake scarf to match! These patterns are from the Twinkie-chan book. I put pom-poms on the hat using fabric glue, and it’s actually really annoying to deal with, which is why on the scarf, there were no more pom-poms.

cupcake scarf

cupcke hat

They’re so cute! It would be so easy to dress up as a cupcake!

Have a happy new year, everyone!

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Houndstooth Pattern!

Looks like I’ll be leaving for overseas in about 3 days, so I’m planning on scheduling some posts while I’m away. Magic posting! Or, you know, just technology.

Anyway, let’s move on to this really cool houndstooth pattern I found! This was made for my sister for Christmas, because she likes maroon and wanted an infinity scarf. Incidentally, these are my Alma mater colors!


It was really easy to do. All you need to know is how to single and double crochet. The pattern is found at Elk Studio. I can’t believe it was so simple to do! I love it!

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Probably for a Grandmother

So, still not sleeping through the night, but that does allow for more crocheting to get done.

Here we have a scarf made from my October Yarnbox yarn!

chevron shell scarf

It is based on this Chevron Shell Cowl pattern (heavily modified on my part), expect that I didn’t want to make a cowl, because I assumed that I would probably, most likely, gift this to one of my grandmothers. Both grandmothers are not a fan of cowls- good old fashion scarfs work really well. Since it’s not a cowl, I added some tassels to make it look more finished. Also, both grandmothers are not a fan of patterns with a lot of holes, and while this isn’t a very tight knit, it’s also not a super loose knit either.

Although, it’s soooo soft, I want it for myself. The Fiber Hound yarn is a little (more like a lot) out of my price range right now, so I can’t get more of this yarn until later to make a nice scarf for myself! However, one of my grandmothers burned the last scarf I gave her (it caught fire on a candle during prayer- a bit of a humorous story looking back on it,) so I should probably just give her this scarf. It’s shorter than the last one, so it probably won’t catch fire this time! 😀

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Motif Monday: Rainbow Scarf!

It’s my 100th post, just in time to welcome April!

I saw the neatest scarf pattern from Make It (Messy):

ny noro plaid scarf

The pattern is available here. It involves some weaving, which can be a bit tedious, but the outcome looks so pretty!

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Temperature Scarf CAL/KAL?!

This is the neatest idea! I love it! Original blog post here.

The idea is that everyday for the rest of the year, depending on the temperature, you add a row of colors.

But the things is, I calculated, and if we were to do the whole year + next year’s January, then:

2 rows per day + 4 rows as “spacers” between months = 778 rows
I estimate, for my usual gauge, 2 rows of sc is about half an inch, so the finished product will be a 16 foot scarf.

I don’t know what I would do with that. O.o If I only do 1 row per day and 2 rows as “spacers,” then it’s only an 8 foot scarf…. (Only an 8 foot scarf, she says cheerfully, as the masses stare in horror.)

I’m tempted. But so much yarn….


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Show & Tell Sunday: Bubble Scarf!

Last month was my younger sister’s birthday, and I crocheted her a scarf. I liked it sooo much, I proceeded to make one for myself too, different colors of course (pink for her, and purple for me). 🙂

I call it a “bubble” scarf, because it looks kinda like bubbles? Yes, no, maybe?

The ugly hat I’m wearing, I made because I had a little bit of left over yarn, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. =/

Patterns for the scarf and the hat are both from the same book, Pop Goes Crochet by Vickie Howell.  The scarf is suppose to be based of Heidi Klum (being a Vicky Secret Angel) and the hat is based off Mary-Kate Olsen (don’t really know how that falls in).  It probably one of my favorite crocheting books so far, because it’s not super outdated and the patterns are somewhat more “hip” and “modern” than other books.

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Sashay Away!

Let’s talk about Red Heart Sashay yarn! As I mentioned on Monday, the really cool Sashay scarf, and I tried it out.

In fact, I made two! Both for my mom’s birthday.

Working with this yarn is a little difficult, because it comes rolled up (see picture below) and then you have to “open” it to get a mesh. The video that Red Heart shows is really bad. Whoever filmed it does not know how to hold a camera or keep things in frame. However, I was able to get a general gist of what to do. Once I got the hang of it, it was simple enough. It took only an hour to make one scarf.

The yarn is lightweight, but the scarf will keep you warm.

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Motif Monday: Frilly Scarf

I’ve been seeing a lot of a frilly scraves around (note: peachesyarn and shopdenisedenise), and have been wanting to make one.

Red Heart has a bunch of knitting patterns for their Sashay yarn, but it looks like they have a crochet pattern too: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/frilly-crochet-scarf!



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