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S&T Sunday: The 50’s 50

Last time on The Adventures of a 50th Anniversary Afghan, little 50 was growing up very nicely.

Now, I’ve completed the centerpiece!

You may notice the bit of red in the middle. Interesting story, I was running low on the rose color, and couldn’t find it in the store, and at some point was having some internal dialogue that goes, “GAAAAH! What am I going to do?!?!” Finally, as I mentioned last week, I took apart that really ugly hat, because it was the same color, but still it wasn’t enough. That’s why there’s that red in the middle, because I was freaking out about running out of yarn. That also explains the blue/green center of the zero.

As of now, only 200 squares to go! Wooooo~!



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S&T Sunday: This hat and I don’t get on.

I have more than a few choice words for this hat. This hat was made a long time ago, when I was still rather inexperienced. The pattern is from Judith Swartz’s Hip to Crochet, which is bit un-hip and boring actually.

Hat pictured in pattern >>>> my hat

Lessons I learned when making this hat:

1. Yarn weight matters.

2. I hate gauging in rounds.

3. That stupid point at the top will not go away!

Something I learned about this hat just now when I looked it up on Ravelry:

Everyone has the same pointy hat problem, and they aren’t using acrylic, which makes me conclude that this pattern sucks.

Lessons I learned in a the past couple days:

1. Do not plan large projects with discontinued yarn colors. (Oops…)

2. Estimate the amount of yarn I have better. (Oops…)

3. Taking apart this hat to get the color is a great idea. (Color is Red Heart Super Saver’s Country Rose.)
Bye bye, horrible hat!

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S&T Sunday: Granny Squares Blanket

The blanket that I’m making my grandparents is a granny squares blanket, and this is my first granny squares blanket.

The colors look a bit Christmas-y, but it took two months. I’m really happy with it and it’s very warm. I didn’t do any blocking with it, because the squares connect as you go.


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S&T Sunday: Bombs Away!

On Friday, I noted Wolfdream’s blog. She has this cute Bombomb pattern, which I have recently tried out!

A friend of mine wanted a large Bombomb plushie, so with some modification of the pattern, I made it! The smaller Bombomb is what the Wolfdreamer’s pattern yields. What a cute Bombomb family. 🙂

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S&T Sunday: Striped Afghan

My very first projects consisted of only one color. This is my first multicolor project and also my first huge (aka not a baby blanket) afghan.

It took two months to complete and is based off the “Stripy Throw” by Erika Knight pattern in her book, Simply Crochet.  It was also the first time I ever did a picot edging:

I don’t remember the colors, but this is all Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Cheap, yet warm- excellent for making afghans. Wool is so expensive, sadly. 😦 Anyway, this is the project that started my afghan kick, which I’m still riding out now.


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