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It was a Christmas present for a friend. She has a small collection of Yoshis, so I thought I’d add to it. This pattern is available for free on Ravelry. It’s Mary Smith’s Mini Yoshi Gamer Friend pattern. It looks a lot better than what I have pictured here.

Side note: I figured out my Photobucket/directly uploading to the WordPress server problem.

I really need to work on my sewing skills. The arm placement is just so off. I just don’t understand how people do it, because it’s a tiny little piece and you don’t want the yarn to show. It makes sewing difficult. Sewing pre-stuffed is my go-to method, followed by stuffing the yarn inside, but at times this is not possible.

My favorite part is that little shell in the back. He looks much better from the side too!

The arms look better from this angle, like he’s waving. Hello! Good bye!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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Minecraft Spider

Some of my friends are very into Minecraft. I have tried and didn’t get into it. Maybe it’s the open world kind of concept that I don’t really like. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Anyway, as a request, one of my friends asked for something from the game. I present you with a spider!

Even if it is a very blocky spider, it’s still creepy, right? Gah, the shivers are involuntary. It’s probably that red face.

This spider pattern can be found here on Ravelry. It was written by Becca de Kroon, who has a lot of really cute gaming amigurumi patterns.

Actually, there isn’t that much crocheting involved. Just a lot of sewing. Basically, you crochet a lot of rectangles and the legs, and then you use this plastic grid material to form a square.

Ta-da, cube formed! That’s how the spider gets a nice block shape- otherwise, it would probably end up looking a lot rounder.

The legs and the middle connecting piece weren’t bad either. It kind of looks like a person here, right? Hahaha. 😉 I thought it was humorus looking.

I wonder what my next big project shall be? I haven’t made anything for myself in a while. Maybe I should get on that.

Happy crochet!

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S&T Sunday: Lab Animals

Two more lab presents: lab animals!

The receiver of this kitty is a self-proclaimed future cat lady, but she has no cats! I really like how this cat is just a large stuffed ball with ears, legs, and a tail- it’s so cute! The new lab cat:


The pattern can be found here.

Next up, another animal, a snake. It’s suppose to be able to wrap around a pen, but the head is too big and heavy. Either way, look at that little face. ❤


This pattern is available on Ravelry, here.



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